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Next.Js SaaS Bundle To Launch Apps In Days, Not Weeks

Boilerbay offers a Next.js SaaS Bundle that includes landing & waitlist pages with an already setup SaaS boilerplate with every feature you need to get started.

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Used by 130+ founders

Focus on things that matter, we will take care of the rest.

Landing Pages

2 Ready to use landing pages, one with full light theme and one with full dark theme.


Waitlist Pages

2 Join the waitlist pages, with cool animations
and dark theme.


SaaS Kit

From authentication to payments, we have got you covered. Everything already
setup and ready to use.

Magic Link Setup

Social Login

Email Verification

Save User to Database

Protected Routes

Cut down on repetitive code, focus on what matters.

Starter Kit



Pay once and get access to all the features.


Waitlist Pages

Landing Pages

SaaS Boilerplate

User Dashboard & Setting

SEO Setup

Stripe Integration

Transactional Emails

Magic Link & Oauth Authentication

Database Setup

Lifetime Updates

Features by Request

Discord Community

Coming Soon

Starter Kit + AI




All the features of Starter Kit plus AI features.


Waitlist Pages

Landing Pages

Everything in SaaS Boilerplate

OpenAI GPT-4 Integration

Langchain Integration

Pinecone Integration

Stripe Credits Based Subscription

AI Landing Page

User Dashboard & Profile

Lifetime Updates

Updates everyday

Features by Request

Discord Community

Coming Soon

Founders love Boilerbay.
Here's what they say.

I have worked in 5 startups, 3 of which I made things from scratch. I know how many things are there to build and set up and it takes months to build. It took me that many years to gather that much expertise and boilerplates to build a startup like that. This product exactly does that, I have done all this work and this isn't 1 product-developer job, Orgs have teams to do all this.

Sajal Sharma

CTO at BitSave

Yeah! It is so useful for me. I gonna launch in Dec and it can save a lot of time/energy. Really appreciate it!

Ula Thefoo

Founder thefootprintcalculator.com

Boilerbay sounds like a dream come true for anyone looking to launch their SaaS product! The fact that it covers everything from landing pages to payments with Stripe is amazing. Plus, the added bonus of being SEO ready is definitely a huge plus. I love that it's stylish yet simple and easy to use. I'm definitely considering using Boilerbay for my upcoming SaaS launch.

Vincent Xu

Co-Founder of SynthMind

This saves a lot of time and helps us work more on the difficult portions!

Neha Prasad

CEO at Zintlr

SaaS game is getting stronger. I love it when makers get something out of the box, makes the life much easlier. Isn't it?

Neel Patel

CEO at Contactbook

The concept of accelerating the launch of dream projects is appealing. Boilerbay caught my eye!

Anthony Green

Co-Founder at OpenRep

I couldn't be happier with this SAAS product! It's like having a toolbox filled with everything you need for a successful SAAS project. The different pages and toolkits make the whole process feel tailored and user-friendly. Highly recommend for anyone diving into the world of SAAS projects!

Mubashir Munir

CEO at SynapseX

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